Moorings Form

If you are a club member you can apply for a club mooring.

You can apply for membership here.

Please read the PCC Mooring Agreement (below) and the complete the form.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact us and our Moorings Officer will be happy to guide you.

PCC Mooring Agreement

This agreement is between you (the vessel owner) and PCC, and is subject to the following terms:

1) The vessel owner shall lay risers and buoys in the place allocated and to a standard approved by the PCC moorings sub-committee within six weeks of an application being approved.

2) The vessel owner shall pay the appropriate mooring fee during the mooring allocation night each year (time, date and place will be provided).

3) The vessel owner shall maintain the vessel on the mooring.

4) In the event of it being deemed necessary by the PCC Moorings Officer, and when the vessel owner is not available, PCC is hereby authorised to move the vessel and is indemnified against any damages.

5) The vessel owner shall vacate the mooring if they cease to be a member of PCC .

6) The vessel owner shall not to transfer the mooring to any other person.

7) The vessel owner shall insure the vessel at all times while holding the mooring regardless of whether the vessel is on the mooring, with minimum third party insurance of £1,000,000 including cover to raise the vessel should it sink on PCC premises.

8) Should the vessel owner not comply with the above, PCC is hereby authorised, and requested to remove the vessel from their premises, with full indemnity.


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