Bristol VTS – Local Traffic Control

The club provides guidelines on how to safely operate in the waters off Portishead.

Traffic control for the area is provided by the Bristol Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Centre located at Avonmouth, call sign ‘Bristol VTS’ on VHF channel 12.

Inward bound commercial vessels report their ETA at Portishead Point to Avonmouth Radio on VHF channel 12 when passing the ‘English and Welsh’ buoy and ‘Welsh Hook’ buoy.

Outward bound commercial vessels report to Bristol VTS on VHF Channel 12 at the following positions.

  • Prior to leaving Avonmouth or Portbury Docks.
  • When passing Shirehampton (for vessels leaving River Avon).
  • When passing Lower Shoots Beacon (for vessels leaving Sharpness).

All craft operating in the estuary should maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 12 to keep abreast of commercial shipping movements. Craft looking to lock-in to Portishead Marina should monitor VHF channel 80 and consult the marina locking guidelines.