Lundy Challenge

The objective of the challenge is to sail to Lundy and back in a weekend*.

All yachts attempting this challenge should notify a member of the sailing subcommittee or a flag officer of their intentions and the date that the challenge is to be undertaken.

Leave Portishead at High Water on Friday evening. The start and finish line lies between the pier and the Firefly buoy – take a photo of your GPS showing Latitude, Longitude and the time to record your start time

Arrive at Lundy by Saturday evening. A requirement is that at least one member of the crew has a pint in the Marisco Tavern (proof to be provided by a photo of your GPS showing Lat, Long and time plus a photo taken at the bar that includes a member of the bar staff and a notice showing the boat name and date).

Return to Portishead by High Water Sunday evening. Again, take a photo of  our GPS showing Lat. Long. and time as you cross he finish line.

Use of the engine is prohibited from the start to the finish of the race, except within 0.5 Nm of the Rat Island anchorage (located at 51’ 09.83’ N 004’ 39.27’W, i.e. you have to be further west than 004’ 38.77’ and within the latitudes of 51’ 10.33’ and 51’ 09.33’).

Any skipper successfully completing the challenge should notify their achievement to the same individual notified above.

The names of the skippers and boats completing the challenge in any calendar year, will be announced at the Club’s Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation. Any trophy will be awarded to the skipper of the slowest boat (i.e. the boat with the highest handicap number) which completed the challenge in that year.

All relevant clauses of the club’s default notice of race apply.

There is currently a £5 per person landing fee at Lundy.

  • or any period between HW (Portishead) and HW (Portishead) no more than two days (ca. 48hrs ) later