Cardiff Downtide Race

Please find below details of an open downtide race organised by Cardiff Yacht Club.

The race for the Breaksea cup will take place on the 26th April. The format will be similar to the race for the 50 mile trophy last October. Entry is free and by text to me on the old CYC news number, on this thread or personally. It is a fun race.
The course will be from the Penarth start line, leaving the Rannie buoy to starboard then leave the Breaksea buoy to port and both of the Nash wreck buoys to port and back up to leave the Rannie buoy to port before crossing the Penarth line. Both crossings of the Penarth line must be the beach side of the buoy.
On crossing the start and finish line you must text me with your boat name and the time accurate to the second. It is an honesty race.
My standard conditions apply to the handicaps, I will use the Byronsoft handicaps, any arguments will result in a 10 point penalty!
There will be food for sale and music in the club in the evening.
The winner will receive a magnificent trophy, other places will get bottles of very nice but ordinary wine.
If you entered last October you will know how much fun it can be, if not join us and find out!
Good luck to all.