2022 Racing Programme,

Next years programme has been produced and published on this website, it can be viewed here

The cruising programme will be sent out early 2022.

We are looking to organise an Easter Bank Holiday cruise to Gloucester in 2022. This will be Friday 15th to Monday 18th April.

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Member email lists.

The Club is changing how email lists are setup. All members should have received two emails re. this sent in quick succession on Nov. 27th plus a Welcome email if you subscribed to the optional group list.

If you didn’t get the emails. then do we have your current email address? Any changes need to be notified to the Membership Secretary, (DM).

If you received the emails but were unable to subscribe to the group list – getting either an error message when replying and/or didn’t receive a Welcome message confirming you’re subscription – then let me know on w@pccsail.com.

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First Aid For Unconsciousness, Mon 18th Nov., from 7:30pm

Gilly has arranged for a team from the BRI in Bristol to give a talk on providing basic life support to a collapsed person, which could be useful to anyone out on their boat or in any other situation such as in the marina.

 The talk is being provided by the resuscitation team of the Bristol Royal infirmary in their own time, so we would like at least 16 people to attend please. Pls contact Gilly to confirm attendance.

 We would also like any donations that people might offer to go towards an automated defibrillator to be placed by the marina office for public use, which will be donated to the community by PCC and could be the difference between life and death for someone, as to be most effective you need to be shocked within the first couple of minutes after collapsing.

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