Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Login ?

The most commonly asked question is how do I Login.

Easy hit the Register Button and follow the instructions.


Remember, only lowercase letters and numbers, no spaces or capital letters.


How do I find what I am looking for?

Use the search function, categories or tags and this will list items of interest in date of post oder.

Log-In and Posting

To Post on the site or Comment you must be registered as a user and logged in.


All can comment but will be subject to moderation by the editor to stop spam and unwanted comments.
Post will only be open for 14 days from post date to comment on.  This keeps the conversation fresh.

Popular Topics

Diven by Tags; the more posts i.e. popular the topic the bigger the heading.
Members then gravitate towards the HOT topics

Members Area

Use the same password as for the club WiFi


Details in the member Area