The Plate race is this Saturday (11 Aug): the start will be at 10:20, which is 30mins earlier than advertised (there’s no 10:30 lock, so advertised 10:50 start doesn’t make sense).

Course will be announced nearer the time, but please note the following:
Start / Finish Line: extension of the east wall of Portishead pier
(i.e. when looking straight down the pier wall towards the marina then you’re on the line)
Engines Off: > 1 minute before start
Finish Times: please text to me

On a different subject, I’m aware of several alleged breaches of the racing rules during recent races. We’d all rather spend our time in the bar after races – not attending protest hearings – but now our racing has got closer it’s not fair if some boats are getting away with ‘minor indiscretions’ … We have some very experienced racers across many of the boats and if there’s consensus of wrong doing (in the lock and not just on the water) then protests will result …

There’s two ways to avoid this:
1) if you’re in doubt take some turns – 1 turn for touching the mark, 2 for anything else: it’s unlikely that a mistake would justify more and unlikely that this would cost you more than one place
2) learn the rules: we’re going to organise another ‘rules evening’ in the autumn – in the meantime I’d recommend the ‘RYA Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2017-20’ (widely available in paperback and electronic) it’s only 16 pages but covers the key points for £4 – keep a copy on your boat or phone!