Shanghai Cup

Quick reminder that the first leg of the Shanghai Cup is next weekend (5/6 May).

The entry form and NoR can be found via the link below, a few points worth highlighting:
Closing date for entries is tomorrow, although I’m sure this is slightly flexible (5.0)
Cost is £30, which includes free berthing at CBYC (see 5.0)
CBYC have a mandatory kit list (unchanged from last year, see 4.0)
You need a valid IRC certificate for IRC, but no prerequisites for NHC (7.0)
Fri evening is at the Royal, Sat at H&W (1.0)

Sailing Instructions haven’t been published yet, but note:
Anchors can’t overhang the bow (1.6) and outboards must be stowed (1.7)
Radio comms will be on CH37/M1 as per PCC (4.2)
First start is 10:30 on Sat off Portishead, 11:00 on Sun (6.0)
Locking instructions aren’t referenced – I’ll check on this
Passage race to Cardiff:
has no start time – just hand in your time (6.0)
Start line is transit of E side of Portishead Pier (7.6)
Finish line is Outer Wrach: specifically when it bears due N (7.7)
There are no other marks

Link to CBYC Shanghai Cup page: