Race tomorrow

Looking like a southerly wind for the race tomorrow – I’m working on 7 gusting 12 knots but it could be a knot or two more / less. Some forecasts have the direction veering SSW or even SW during the race, others don’t. There’s a departure due from each port during the race and others before / after that could run early / late.
The start / finish line for tomorrow will be a transit of Denny Shoal and Firefly, leaving Firefly to port (this is almost identical to the line between Firefly and the pier, but more obvious when you’re crossing it). Engines off one minute before the start. The course will be:
Start > Cockburn (P) > Denny Island (P) > Newcome (P) > Finish
Start times follow, using GPS time. If your boat isn’t on the list then let me know and I’ll give you a time. Fingers crossed we don’t awake to a mill pond!!
10:19:30 – Peppi
10:20:30 – UII
10:21:30 – Sarapat
10:26:30 – Kindred Spirit
10:31:30 – Best Endeavour
10:32:00 – Songline
10:33:00 – Budge
10:33:30 – Monterey
10:41:30 – J Star
10:43:00 – Hullabaloo
10:48:30 – Hero
10:49:00 – Rockhopper