Following KOR 2 we retired to the clubhouse for food (thanks ladies!), drink and prize giving. After Andy from Budge (a.k.a. ‘The Pot Hunter’ 😉 had collected most of the silverware we moved onto the subject of handicaps. The conclusions were as follows:
1) IRC will be introduced this year: races will be dual scored so the only difference will be the publishing of an additional set of results for each race, which will give the order for those boats with an IRC certificate
2) We are trying to secure a discount for the IRC certificates – this is dependent on signing up 5 new boats onto IRC, which hasn’t been achieved yet – please contact me if you’re interested
3) IRC dual scoring will begin at either the start of the Spring or Cockburn series, depending on progress with certificates
4) The Cockburn ‘Fast Fleet’ will be renamed the ‘IRC Fleet’ and will likely only be scored using IRC
1) We will trial the use of the RYA ‘National Handicap for Cruisers’ for the Cockburn series ‘Slow Fleet’
2) The changes are limited to the handicaps assigned to the fleet and the method of calculation (which will be performed by a member of the sailing subcommittee using the HAL application)
3) Downtide races will be unchanged and further consultation will take place before any wider adoption