Forum – new

forumsshot-copyThe final part of the website upgrade sees the inclusion of a forum. This can be accessed by clicking on the FORUM tab above. The forum has been sub-divided for convenience into boards covering “Sailing” , “For sale..,” “Crew..” etc., and includes a  “PCC Members (only) Area”  board which replaces the old “members area” of this website. Logging in now takes you to the forum login page. The forum can be viewed for the most part by all but you will need to register – a simple process- in order to participate. Registration is open to all. For more detailed information see the post in the Admin board here

As well creating new topics and replying to existing ones, registered users can also send messages to each other – simply click on Messages/Create message to start. These messages are private (a PM) and will appear in your messages folder (much like email). Detailed help is available in the Help section of the forum on all of its capabilities.

Why not take a look and browse the subjects already posted!