Offshore Race: part 2

Start/Finish Lines (unchanged from today):
Portishead line: transit of the south east wall of Portishead pier (i.e. when you can look straight down the pier wall towards the marina lock you’re on the line).
Cardiff line: extension of the centre line of Penarth Pier (i.e. when you’re looking straight down the middle of the pier you’re on the line).
Start/Finish Times:
Start time: 12:30 local on GPS time. Please could someone volunteer to provide 5/4/1/0 minute warnings on CH37 starting at 12:25 GPS time. Engines off at least 1 minute before start
Finish times: please note your own finish times (using GPS time) and provide to me
Tide Times (local):
Cardiff – LW 14:30 1.6m
Barry – LW 14:20 1.5m
Avonmouth – HW 20:40 12.6m
Start Cardiff
Ranie to starboard
Merkur to port
East Culver to port
North One Fathom to starboard
NW Elbow to starboard
Finish Portishead