Offshore race

It’s looking like a SSW force 5 to 7 tomorrow, with gusts predicted to peak between 26 and 30 knots depending on who you want to believe. Please remember that the tide will be pushing you into the wind so it will be windier on the water.
I can’t recall a similar scenario to this so I’m finding it difficult to gauge whether many/any of you feel comfortable with these conditions over a longer distance. I’m going to set a course anyway, but please let me know if you’re planning to head out.
If I don’t hear from anyone then I won’t set a course for Sunday and we’ll try to rerun at a later date, although this may not be possible. On the subject of Sunday the forecast is looking much better, with a WSW force 3 to 4, possibly gusting to a 5 for a while.
Start/Finish Lines:
Portishead line: transit of the south east wall of Portishead pier (i.e. when you can look straight down the pier wall towards the marina lock you’re on the line).
Cardiff line: extension of the centre line of Penarth Pier (i.e. when you’re looking straight down the middle of the pier you’re on the line).
Start/Finish Times:
Start time: 10:10 local on GPS time. Please could someone volunteer to provide 5/4/1/0 minute warnings on CH37 starting at 10:05 GPS time. Engines off at least 1 minute before start
Finish times: please note your own finish times (using GPS time) and provide to me
The Offshore Race will be scored on the total points from race 1 (Sat) and race 2 (Sun)
Tide Times (local):
Avonmouth – HW 07:40 12.4m
Cardiff – LW 13:50 1.5m
Start Portishead
NW Elbow to port
South Cardiff to starboard
Mid Cardiff to port
PYC ‘Q’ to starboard
Finish Cardiff
‘Q’ is a yellow racing mark at approx. 51 25.67 3 9.83