Freezer Regatta

A quick reminder that it’s the Freezer Regatta on Saturday, which follows the same format as the Summer Regatta last year and Spring Regatta next year. The idea is to complete 3 or 4 short races over a single top of the tide, rather than a single race.
The start is at 12:50 off Portishead pier, which is roughly 1.5 hours before high water and we’ll be aiming to finish around 1.5 hours after HW. The start / finish line is between the end of the pier and Firefly and the first course is likely to be Start > Middle (S) > orange buoy (S) > Middle (S) > Finish. Subsequent courses may also include Outer, Cockburn, Denny Shoal and Newcome but we won’t be going any further afield.
Post-race drinks will be in the H&W and there’ll be a prize (at prize giving) for the best overall result. Here’s hoping for some better weather!