Cockburn 1

A quick reminder that Cockburn 1 is this Saturday – a few things to note:
– slow/fast fleet starts may be delayed slightly from published times (11:15 / 11:25 respectively) due to an unusual tide (see below for more info)
– handicaps are reviewed before and after the Cockburn series – revisions will be published after the subcommittee meeting tomorrow but before the race
– I’d be grateful if someone could volunteer for OOD duty on Sat (as a swap if needs be) so I don’t have to do two OOD duties in a row – if not I’ll OOD from the water

HW Saturday: this is one of the rare occasions when the HW times used by the marina are significantly different to those used by the PCC and port (12:21 and 12:39 respectively) and as a result the marina lock out times aren’t as convenient as usual (09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30). As 1:25 is quite a long time to spend on the water (between 10:00 lock and 11:25 start) we’ll delay the fast fleet start to enable competitors in the 11:00 lock to make the start. This should also relieve pressure on the 10:00 lock, which is unlikely to have enough space for all the slow/fast fleets.