Update on racing today

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning: “severe gales are likely through the Bristol Channel during the morning, with gusts of 60 to 65 mph”.

As previously advised “It is the club’s policy not to cancel any races due to the weather. However, in the event of a wind related severe weather warning for our area (as published by the Met Office at 06:00 on the day of the race), it’s unlikely that any members will compete. In this event the OOD can request that any competitors set their own course from the water, to avoid the OOD wasting time travelling to the start.”

As a result I’ve asked the OOD to stand down. If you do decide to set out (and one boat constitutes a race as per ISAF rule 35) then please let me know the course sailed plus start and finish times for all competitors.

I hope everyone else takes the opportunity for a long and lazy Sunday lunch!