Quick request for those of you that race:

Following some VTS related discussions I need to remind you all that we’re obliged to maintain a listening watch on CH12 while racing in the King Roads. Obviously we also need to monitor CH37/M1 so that means two radios, both with speakers in the cockpit (although you might be able to hear a speaker downstairs in light airs, you won’t if you’re heading up wind in 30kts true).

I’m guessing that most have achieved this by having a cockpit mounted speaker for the main VHF plus a handheld VHF kept in the cockpit. Alternatively you could have two handheld VHFs in the cockpit, or possibly a single tri-watch radio that can simultaneously monitor channels 12, 16 and 37 (I’ve been told they exist, but I’ve not found one – my Icom and Standard Horizon units are tri-watch but can’t monitor 12/16/37 simultaneously).

It’s worth noting that some chandleries have ‘boat show offers’ running this weekend, both at the show in London and online – feel free to pick up a quality handheld VHF for less than £100 if you need one!