2015 Sailing Calendar

Please find attached the draft sailing calendar for 2015.


In summary:
– there are 4 series in 2015: the Cockburn series remains best 5 results from 9 races, the other 3 (KOR, Spring and Winter) will be best 2 results from 3 races
– the KOR series will revert to its original starting area of Portishead pier
– a fun race has been included after each of the 3 race series (‘Denny & Back’, ‘Shoots & Back’ and ‘Gluhwein’) with longer legs between marks and potentially more reaching – also, if any race in the preceding series has no finishers, then the result from the fun race will count towards it
– there are 5 down tide races in 2015: Plate, Offshore, Holms, Regatta and Autumn Cup – the format for each is unchanged from 2014
– as per 2014, there’s a period in Nov/Dec when the only high tides in daylight hours aren’t high enough for river boats to get off/on their moorings – rather than sitting this out there will be a Freezer Regatta /Series with 3 races over a single top of the tide (as per the ‘Summer Regatta’ this year)
– the ‘Marina Race’ will again be run in association with the ‘Festival on the Quay’ – the date for this is indicative only and not based on anything more than guess work – the races around this time (Cockburn 4/5/6/7 and Offshore) may therefore be subject to change
– OOD duties have been allocated to anyone competing in 2 or more races this year (as per last few years) with any gaps being filled with the boats that competed in the most races – if you arrange a swap (or need a hand with this) then please let me know
– details of the bank holiday cruises will be published nearer the time
– as prizes weren’t awarded at the dinner dance this year there will be prize giving at the clubhouse following KOR 2 on 25 Jan – the bar will be open and food available

Once the date for the Marina Race has been confirmed I’ll reissue the calendar – in the meantime, unless advised otherwise, please treat this as final