Talk at PCC

Jeremy Warren and Phillip Kirk from Thornbury Sailing Club will be
coming to PCC on Wednesday 19th November at 8pm to talk about their
record breaking sail around Britain in their Wayfarer dinghy “Hafren”
earlier this year.

For those that don’t know a Wayfarer is 5m long with no cabin and not
much in the way of a foredeck! Jeremy and Phil slept, cooked and live on
the boat for days at a time. They did land now and again, camping and
sometimes treating themselves to a night in a harbourside hotel but most
of the time they took it in turns to snatch a few hours of sleep in the
bottom of the boat. They sailed through the night and up to 50 miles off
shore without a support vessel.

We heard Jeremy talk in August and enjoyed their story so much that we
thought other PCC members would be interested.

The voyage raised money for the RNLI and the Pappa Fund, which supports
health and education projects in India and we will be asking for
donations on the evening.

I hope you can join us.