Race on Sat

Saturday sees the debut of the ‘Split Race’ – one race from Portishead towards the Holms, immediately followed by a second race back – both count towards the 2014 Summer Series and would make a good practise sail for anyone entering the Holms Race the following weekend.

Unfortunately I can’t make it, so please could someone planning to compete volunteer as OOD?

Race 1:
Start time: 13:00 Sat 30th Aug
Start line: extension of the SE side of Portishead pier (i.e. when you can look straight down the side of the pier, towards the marina lock, you are on the line)
Finish line: transit of the lighthouse on Flat Holm and the Holm Middle starboard channel mark (i.e. when the two are in line you are on the line – for avoidance of doubt you must be south of Holm Middle)
Course: start > NW Elbow (to P) > Tail Patch (S) > Cardiff Spit (P) > Winston (S) > finish (approx 20NM)

Race 2:
Start time: 5 mins after the last boat finishes race 1
Start line: the finish line from race 1
Finish line: the start line from race 1
Course: start > EW Grounds (S) > E Middle Grounds (P) > finish (approx 17NM)

– Countdown to each start will be provided on CH37/M1
– Engines off at least 1 min before each start
– Keep a listening watch on CH37/M1 in case the course is shortened (most likely by removing Cardiff Spit)
– Please note your own finish times (using GPS time) and give to OOD
– HW Avonmouth: 10:39 and 22:50 BST (UKHO)
– LW Flat Holm: 16:20 BST (UKHO)