Social Events at the club next year

Steve Freestone is the new Social Sec and he has some ideas for next year that he would like people to think about. Steve will talk briefly at the club next Wednesday 23rd April.

Here are his ideas
Social Calendar Ideas.
Having given quite some thought to this for the coming year I believe a change in format might be good for the club.
My proposals are for a two tier approach with myself as Social Secretary organising three larger events, plus a possible Dinner Dance and a second tier of less formal events where this would be delegated to a lead club member.  I would only provide a co-ordinating role and publicity across posters and website where possible.
My ideas for the three main events are positioned around an Event to celebrate the start of the new season, (Spring Tides) and an Event to reflect on the past season (Ebb Tides) and a New Year Eve event to celebrate the coming year.
The Dinner Dance needs further thought and ideas are welcome.  There is possibly a need to take it up market and enquiries are being made in this respect.
Please be ready to give your opinions at the club or if you are not able to get there let me or Steve have your views by e-mail.