Website Goes Live

At last our Website is up and running in it’s first itineration.  It’s been quite a long haul to get here with a few false starts along the way, but we now have site which runs across all fixed and mobile platforms with easy to use addresses’.  The site provided for fixed, tagged and date driven pages and articles with Contributor/Author posting ability.

I hope you will find something for every one inside, wether you are a local racer or an ocean going blue water cruiser.  It’s just a start but it’s now over to you to provide article, content and comments which will be of interest to a world wide audience.  For WordPress is unique in spreading the word, It will raise the PCC profile and hopefully the built in spam catchers will keep out the dross.

Use the search facility and the cloud fields to find you way and around and please register and contribute.

Have fun.

Your Webmaster