Registering to Post

To post articles you need to register. A swift and simple process.

You need a usernamewhich once registered is non changeable.
I am suggesting you use a boat name either yours or invented.  If you are finding it a problem to come up with a name the try OFCOM’s VHF register of boat names and call signs.
Your user name will be public

You need to provide your email address which is registered with the club and thats it.
Your email Address will not be public

We need your name for admin purposes, this will not be made public by us.

You will be sent an invitation to join once you details have been checked, and then you follow the instructions on screen.

Once in the system you will find it is very much like ‘Word’ a a word processor, hep is top right on the page wherever you are.

For the moment posts are moderated but as we all gain experience privileges will be raised to give greater access.

Club Officer will have an official username which will travel with the position and therefore may wish to register under there own boat name for personal posts such as cursing or racing blog items.

Happy Posting