Advance Notice

With our move to a flexible mobile orientated web platform, adding the use of mobiles and tablets it was felt that the current site address was too long.   http://www.portisheadcruising is quite something to type with one finger on a small mobile screen or enter an associated email address;s try adding vice commodore to that and I’m sure you see the problem.

Well an answer is to hand, as the pccsail for the WiFi is easy to use and remember we have registered this as a .com address.

So the existing address will be gradually retired and the new address of –  – will take over.

This change has already been made and if you use it you arrive at the website. But to complete the work the website will need to be rebuilt with the new address – unfortunately as I suspected WordPress in network  version does not allow a change of URL without a lot of code modification and it’s quicker to rebuild.

This will happen over the next few days and be complete by next week, then it’s full speed ahead.