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November 2016 revision

July 2016 revision

April 2016 revision

October 2015 revision

April 2015 revision



Handicaps are calculated by the racing sub-committee as follows:

Each boat has a handicap assigned for top of the tide races, which is their predicted performance (the Top of Tide number in the attachment). After each race the results are entered into a spreadsheet supplied by the RYA – the imbedded formulas calculate the actual performance achieved by each boat. There’s a cut off at which point the results are discarded to foil any attempts to improve handicaps by finishing last (note there’s a few sub rules to prevent boats from falling foul of this when the number is genuinely wrong). All boats that have three or more valid results since the last review have their average actual performance calculated. A new Top of Tide number is proposed for each boat that is half way between their predicted and actual performance. The proposed new numbers are then reviewed by the sailing subcommittee to ensure that there’s no errors.

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