All pictures must be uploaded as 72 dpi jpegs, with a maximum picture sizes as detailed below.

pdf files with the smallest output size selected (72dpi) can also be linked.

Larger files sizes take longer to load, and have bandwidth and storage quota implications, they therefore risk being deleted.

How to Load

Prepare your picture in Photoshop or any photo editing software balance the exposure for good screen brightness and crop at 72dpi to the example sizes shown below according to your post requirements and ‘Save for Web‘ use. If you don’t have that command save a a low file size jpeg.

Once prepared save to your picture folder where you can find it and then use the ‘Add Media‘ button above the post tool bar to add your picture.  Follow the on screen prompts.


You can also upload pictures to the Club Flicker account and add them to your own folder.

These will the show at random in the picture section and recently added in the Magazine.

You need the logon and password details, these are in the Members section.


Picture size examples

Largest 1024 X 1024 pixels  at 72dpi

Large Picture

Max Picture 1024 x 1024px

Large Portrait Picture

Large Portrait Picture

Large Portrait Picture 475p x 300 px

Medium Portrait 189 x 300 pixels at 72dpi

Medium Picture

Medium Picture 189 X 300 px

Thumbnail 150 X 150 at 72 dpi

Thumbnail Picture

Thumbnail Picture 150 x 150 px