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Confusion over Registering

There seems to be some confusing over registering. It requires an email to the Webmaster: Your Boat name as username (all one word no spaces, only letters and numbers) Your email address Your name Please see post Registering to Post for full details. This is only way you can register Please read the relevant posts and the […]

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Wish List

We plan to  develop and improve our website within the WordPress platform so if there is anything you would like to see, please add a comment and we will consider it for inclusion on the wish list. I am already looking at the possibilities for an online survey in a couple of month to gain […]

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Registering to Post

To post articles you need to register. A swift and simple process. You need a username – which once registered is non changeable. I am suggesting you use a boat name either yours or invented.  If you are finding it a problem to come up with a name the try OFCOM’s VHF register of boat […]

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Website Goes Live

At last our Website is up and running in it’s first itineration.  It’s been quite a long haul to get here with a few false starts along the way, but we now have site which runs across all fixed and mobile platforms with easy to use addresses’.  The site provided for fixed, tagged and date […]

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Website update.

Our URL is now active;  if you have been using and find it a mouthful you can get to the site now with plain and simple – you don’t even need the www. As our new website is public and available to the world through the WordPress feed to Google so it […]

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King of the Road 1 Results

We were fortunate with the weather for King Of the Roads 1 earlier with lots of sunshine and a force 4-6 breeze, results as follows: 1. Hero 2. Aquila 3. Response 4. J Star 5. Best Endeavour 6. Misty Lady 7. White Spirit 8. Socotra Congratulations to Hero! Nick Duppa-Miller 07977 414575

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