Cockburn 8

A quick reminder that our next race, Cockburn 8, is on Saturday morning (start 10:45 / 10:50 for cruiser / fast fleets). It’s a long way off, but forecast is currently suggesting light / mod airs and fair weather.
The fast fleet trophy has already been won by Hero, but the competition for the remaining podium places is wide open: currently it’s Hullabaloo in 2nd and J Star in 3rd, but Songline, Response and Budge are all in contention.
The cruiser fleet has also been wrapped up, this time by White Spirit, and UII will take either 2nd or 3rd. Kindred Spirit is in a strong position to take the remaining podium place, but Peppi, Pasha, Sarapat and Socotra could all steal it.
Good luck!