Unfortunately the wind didn’t die off in time for Winter 2 this morning: VTS were reporting 37 gusting 48 knots and everyone stayed on their berths.
The Winter Series will therefore be based on the results of Winter 1 and Winter 3, which is this Saturday, start 13:40 off Avonmouth.
In the hopefully unlikely event that we don’t get a set of valid results from Winter 3, then the Winter Series will be based on the results of Winter 1 and Gluhwein on 31 Dec.
There’s also the Freezer Regatta on Sat 5 Dec, which will consist of 3 or 4 short races in the area between Portishead and Portbury, which should hopefully keep us warm!
The 2016 calendar will be finalised within the next couple of weeks: at present the races in January are scheduled for Sun 17th and Sat 30th, but there’s an outside chance this could change.