Regatta Race

The course for the regatta race tomorrow is:
– Start
– Firefly to starboard
– NW Elbow to port
– Tail Patch to starboard
– South Cardiff to starboard
– EW grounds to starboard
– Firefly to port
– Finish
The start and finish line is an extension of the SE wall of Portishead pier – i.e. when you’re looking straight down the wall of the pier, towards the marina lock, then you’re on the line.
There’s no OOD so please set your countdown timers to GPS time. Start times are as per the table previously published (with the exception of Budge who starts 11:20).
Engines must be switched off 1 minute before your start time (if you cross early you may motor back, so long as your engine is off for 1 minute before you start).
Please could you note your finish time along with the names of the boats that finished before/after you and send them to me via text message or Facebook Messenger.
It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day on the water – enjoy!