Draft Racing Programme

Please find attached the draft 2014 sailing calendar: please could you check to see if you’re down as an OOD (this will only apply if you entered 2+ races last year) and let me know if you can’t make the date assigned so I can arrange a swap before issuing the final version next month.

2014 Schedule _ draft

For those interested here’s a quick summary of the main changes:

– the start times are now rounded to the nearest hour or half hour to make things easier for the OOD and to align with the marina lock times

– nearly all races now have locks available 30mins and 60mins prior to the start (for those happy to rush and those that would rather not!)

– we’re still working with the marina to align the last few, so a couple of start times may change (or there may be a couple of exceptions to the 30/60mins rule)

– the Cockburn fast fleet now starts after the slow fleet so many of the marina based boats can lock out later (increasing chances of getting out of work in time)

– the Summer series, which was a separate set of top of the tide races, is now a collection of individual events, which will hopefully encourage participation in both (scored on best 4 results from 7)

– the ‘Festival on the Quays’ race run by the marina last year is included within the PCC schedule and will count towards the Summer series (the date is still to be finally confirmed)

– the ‘Split Race’ will consist of two races: one downtime with the ebb, then another race back on the flood, both results counting towards the Summer series

– the ‘Summer Regatta’ will consist of three short races over a single (top of the) tide using inflatable marks and a committee boat
– you’ll notice that the Holms race will require an early start this year – this is due to the times of HW in late summer and is therefore beyond our control!

– there are a couple of TBCs in the schedule: these were earmarked for other ideas we’ve been working on but will likely disappear in the final version

– post race drinks will usually be at the Hall & Woodhouse with some exceptions (including Cockburn 9, Gluhwein and Holms Race)

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and feedback during 2013 – I can’t take credit for any of the great ideas above, or the many others that we couldn’t fit in – do keep the ideas coming so we can try them out in 2015!